June 1st, 2008


Trapped! Trapped, I tell you!

Oddly, the place that we stayed at not only had no internet (and really, for a self-catering - US folks read B&B without the second B - place I wouldn't entirely expect it) ... but no cell phone service, and thus no checking the internet via phones.

This was really, really weird. No one could reach us and we couldn't reach them. It was probably even stranger than being in a place with clean air, visible stars, and no minimart in walking distance.

This forced people to TALK to each other. And play ping pong, snooker, and games with each other. And there was reading, and snacking, and drinking, and more talking.

I'm certainly catching up on the LJ right now, but truth be told, I didn't miss it at all - being with and talking to people who are right there is always the best. In fact, I can hardly imagine a better way to spend a weekend, other than going to Long Beach with J, my brother and SIL (and nephew), and Shadow dog.