June 8th, 2008


What am I doing at home with weather like this?

It's the most beautiful day I've seen on a weekend in London in months, and yet I am at home. I got up early to do stuff, but I'm not doing it and instead I am at home cleaning. This is actually a really good thing because I've been feeling a bit stressed abou the fact my uncle is going to be here in three days and things are actually gunky enough that it's been bothering me, and in fact I didn't WANT to go anywhere today until this house looked a little better! So now I get my chance to get on it, and ... I just found out I'm about to become an auntie again in the next [insert value of time here hopefully less than 8 hours]! Good luck wordknitter, my thoughts are with you!

The freaks come out when the weather is good

So J and I went with robot_mel to see part III of The Peony Pavilion at Sadler's Wells today, where we ran across the woman (I'll call her CL) who was sitting next to us at the other Chinese opera thing we saw some weeks ago. We had the following conversation with her at intermission.

CL: This is really different from Slippery Mountain!
Me: Yeah, it really is.
CL: The singers are so different, their voices so much ... smoother.
Me: Well, they are professionals - I think those other folks were doing it more for fun. Did you get to see the other two nights?
CL: No, I couldn't fit it in my schedule - my job require I work at least three evenings a week.
Me: (makes sympathetic noises)
CL: Did you see the Afrika Afrika show here last month?
J: No, didn't manage to make it to that ...
CL: They had this really weird opening where these two men on stage were sort of throwing dust into the audience.
Me: Hmm, I guess that would make me sneeze. Was it making you uncomfortable?
CL: Well, yeah. This ritual, it was about capturing the souls of the people in the audience.
Me: Oh yeah?
CL: You see, I do work with the spirit world as a part of my job. One of the people I work with goes into trances and channels a doctor who died in the 19th century, and we do psychic healings for people. So I found this ritual really disturbing.
Me: I can see where that might be the case.
CL: Because this stuff, it's real. And before the show, the witch doctors had cast a spell inside the theater, and I went to see this show with my two young nephews, and they captured a little piece of their souls with that dust of theirs.
J: Hmm.
Me: Oh dear.
CL: And now we're going to have to do a ritual to get it back.
Me: Wow, the intermission bell - have we ever been chatting up a storm! Well, I really need to rush to the ladies' before the second act starts ... bye!

Anyway, she fortunately departed quickly after the show ended and their was no more chatting! Unfortunately I'd just given her the address of my other blog - hope she doesn't find this one, too!