June 13th, 2008


Review of "Rosmersholm," comments on family equality

It's dead at work today - we're getting ready to move upstairs and there are problems with the build. I am exhausted today due to talking about finances into the wee hours with shadowdaddy (ooh, being married is so fun!). It's sad to think I skipped writing my review of Rosmersholm so that I could get more sleep, but it's up now. I enjoyed it enough, but it wasn't brilliant. Oh well, maybe any given playwright only gets 3 or 4 good plays at the most.

Also, I'm fascinated by this article about equal parenting in the New York Times Magazine (especially after coming right out of the 19th century last night and the conversation about integration women back into the workplace after maternity leave I had yesterday) - read it and let me know what you think!