June 14th, 2008


Review of Marguerite the Musical up; Revenger's Tragedy tonight

While yesterday at work was quite dull (we're moving floors and there was little focus on the work at hand), I had a fairly good evening - first dinner at Galileo, then across the street to the Royal Haymarket to see Marguerite the Musical (review here). We got home lateish, and while I got my review up I didn't have time for other blogging. I guess that's how this week is just going to be going.

Tonight it's The Revenger's Tragedy at the National with wechsler, booklectic, and rosamicula, with, I think, Borough Market beforehand. And now we need to be off.
Sea dragon

All phone numbers lost

After almost a month, I finally got my phone back, only it's not my old phone, it's one that looks a lot like it only without all of the data, which I was unable to copy onto the chip before I took the phone in. So - can you please all text me with your names so I can start to rebuild my phone book?