June 18th, 2008


Was it that drink that screwed me up?

Yesterday evening had rather a lot of the comic to it. I left work, bored stiff, promptly at 5, skipping the gym in order to have a drink with shadowdaddy, then headed over to souldier_blue's place. Only ... I realized just as the doors were closing at Southwark station that I'd become overly engrossed in my book (George Alec Effinger's A Fire in the Sun) and missed my station, thinking for some reason I was going to Bermondsey. So I got off at London Bridge, went across the station, and headed back to Southwark.

About ten minutes of sunlight (and more reading) later and I suddenly got the feeling that, er, maybe I was actually going to Bermondsey. I wasn't able to get either S_B or wechsler on the phone, but, fortunately, I was able to access the internet (I have a strange suspicion my new phone is perhaps just not receiving texts at all, or possibly even not sending them) ... and I discovered I had been heading to the right stop originally. Back down the steps and on the train I went. Gah.

Fortunately, both of them had been running late, and when I made it they had just headed to Poppy Hana, so I sat down, ordered gyoza and spinach and egg "sushi" and had a nice meal. wechsler gave me an early birthday present, books one and two of A La Recherche, so now I shall be obliged to make the effort and improve my literary French. Afterwards we headed over to SB's flat, which is just extremely cute although rather creepily located inside of a church (with parishoners exiting as we came in the building!). I had a good time poking through her "bag o' stuff I am getting rid of" and hopefully she enjoyed our noisy company (I may have scandalized the church-goers if any of them heard me through the open windows). I was quite thrilled by her library and liberated a Storm Constantine/Michael Moorcock book that I had once owned, never read, and unfortunately lent out to someone who disappeared off of the face of the planet. Hopefully I will continue in a fixed place and my ability to return it will be higher than that of Ziggy,the shaggy bookseller of Twice Sold Tales.

Suddenly I realized I was being tricked by the late, late summer sunset, and that it was already after nine, so we rushed out the door to head back to Putney. It really is amazing how late the sun is up this time of the year - the sky was still red and purple at a quarter after ten. I managed to not stay up too much later though and woke up feeling shiny and sleek. I even look nice today. Somehow I think the fact that today is my Friday this week is really making for a good overall attitude on my part (although wearing a black silk shirt with French cuffs does have its own charm). Yay!