June 24th, 2008

London Biker

Still plugging away at the gym

Well, I made it back in to the gym - got stuck on the bike for 21 minutes as the elliptical was being hogged up during my normal transition time. I did manage to get my heart rate up to 151 bpm, just barely over the line, but only when I was about 17 minutes in. I wonder if it's in better "shape" now and that's why it's harder for me to get to the levels I need to? I read the Amulet of Samarkand while I was biking, which was fun, though the workout as a whole was dull and sucked massively in comparison to swimming with spikeylady yesterday.

In "hell freezing over" news, I actually wore a MATCHING top and shorts to the gym today. This is because shadowdaddy brought me back piles of cheap things from the states - workout clothes from Sierra Trading Post (Moving Comfort, very good stuff); great gobs of Estee Lauder to replenish my diminishing supply (mostly moisturizer and base, the office air here dries my face out); neat vintage glassware (with poodles on them) and bowls (Fireking "Gay Fad" Peach blossom bowls to replace the one the housecleaner ruined) bought of Ebay; and piles of gifties I never expected - kitchen gadgets (a rotary cheese grater for parmesan), pear vodka (*drool*), the new David Sedaris book ... it was like Christmas in June! He even found me the new shade of lipstick I got when I was in Orlando and fell in love with. It was really fun. We'll just ignore the fact the shorts are, by my standards, TOO SHORT - I bought 'em and I'm stuck with them now.

Work is dull. That is all. And back to it ...