July 2nd, 2008

Proust book

Proust shocker!

Oh my God! After about 2000 pages of nothing, Gilberte is back! Clearly the end time is near.

I must get my pictures of my trip up. I keep having little fantasies about making tiny Proust movies, a sort of fandom response to all of the dull academic books that are out there. The pictures would be a good start.

I am really looking forward to going to York this weekend.

But now, work!
Morning cuppa

Work and gym, work and gym

Gym: left just as it started raining and was TOO WARM inside (too warm for me to cool off properly). Did 10 back-stretching things, 4 minutes rowing, 14 minutes biking, and 7 minutes elliptical, though I was ready to stop after the second minute. While on it my heart reading came up as 172 beats per minute, which I think is a sure sign the meter is messed up. I was hitting 150/153 on the bike, which is good news, and my Charlie Bradshaw mystery has finally got to an interesting bit.

Work: don't have much to do today as I got ahead of myself yesterday, so will run paperwork down to lawyer re: visa this afternoon and catch up on reviewing other people's stuff. I also need to do a write up of the two hour meeting from this morning, so I'm suspecting that 5 PM will be here before I know it.

I has made a fud, and I ated it.

Tonight I skipped the English National Ballet (though half price tickets were available) in favor of a quieter evening at home (per shadowdaddy's request). I was struck by sudden inspiration on my way back from the lawyer's office, and picked up some pork chops at the Theobald's Road butcher shop. Once I got home I made pork chops in a blueberry sauce - the sauce a mix of reduced red wine (thanks to indigo_violet, I'll note we drank the rest :-) ), a half pint of fresh blueberries (don't even ask how much they were), and a bit of honey. While the pork chops were baking under the sauce, I made some of the fresh Sicilian tomato sauce - sauteed garlic done in a tiny bit of oil and chopped fresh (ripe and tomato-y smelling) tomatoes, cooked until the pan was dry then a bit of chopped fresh basil added and all put into a holding bowl with very good olive oil on top .... and some fresh pasta. Altogether, it was quite a nice meal. Now we're tired and full - and vacation starts tomorrow!

(PS: Thought poh would have really liked this recipe ...)