July 11th, 2008

Sea dragon

Highlights of a Friday

0. Posted my review of the flamenco show I saw with booklectic and shadowdaddy yesterday. It was good but I'm a bit worn out after going out three nights in a row - go figure.
1. Got a call from shadowdaddy inviting me out to lunch. Yay!
2. Appear to have lost my badge over lunch. Boo!
3. Ordered a copy of the final volume of In Search of Lost Time (in addition to a book I need to read for work, for a certification exam I'm going to take). Yay! It should show up right around the time I'm through with the current one.
4. Was not able to get tickets for The Rake's Progress at a price I was willing to pay. Yay! (This means I don't have to go out tonight, and, since I'm very tired, even though there's dennyd's party and The Magnetic Fields also calling for my attention, instead I'm going to go home and make dinner.)
5. Am looking forward to having a lovely wechsler joining us for dinner. This means we can play Through the Desert!
6. Er, it's Friday, and I'm tired of work this week. So ... two days with no work ... yay!