July 13th, 2008

Sea dragon

A Saturday full of kismet (mostly)

Yesterday shadowdaddy, wechsler and I headed off to Rosebury avenue (near Sadler's Wells) to see the Flooded London exhibit with robot_mel and her friend mewtopia. On the way there we got a text message from the_same_sky: were shadowdaddy and I free to see a preview for Faeries, that very day at 4 PM "but of course I know it's impossible" - but it wasn't as we were already very near Covent Garden all things considered! We said yes and got stoked.

Flooded London was a very cool sort of post-waterclypse pictures of London, including a family playing in the front yard near their ready-to-roll-into-the-Thames submarine. Unfortunately there were only 6 or so shots in total, but since we had another stop planned, that was fine with us. We decided as a group to dash of to the White Cube gallery to see the Chapman brothers' "Fucking Hell" installation. I was actually a bit open mouthed when we ducked into an alley ... off of a side street ... off of a side street ... into this open space between a bunch of rather old buildings ... and there was this building I remembered seeing in some architecture story before I moved here. Wow! The art inside was pretty great, too, sort of Heironymus Bosch done as as model train set, and I think we all liked it quite a bit.

After that it was off to see Fairies - a bit sad to have to rush. Even sadder, I have been asked specifically to not blog it :-( and since I got free tickets from someone involved in the show, I feel I have to respect that. Boo. It's probably not giving much away to say There Were Puppets, and at spikeylady's birthday party I had a long and involved chat about it with adjectivemarcus, as well as talking about both the visit of my sister and tonyawinter.

The party itself was a pile of fun, really a bit of a shame not to stay for another two hours but the thought of an hour - hour and a half long bus ride home was more than I could handle. At any rate, it was a good evening , a good day, and I think I'm off to the zoo now for what will be my good Sunday!