July 19th, 2008

disco ball


I just got a check in the mail for overpayment of taxes. The check is for Collapse )

I think I'll celebrate by going to see Wall-E tonight.

(LATER: And I'd buy this CD - Marin Marais: Pièces de viole, livres 1 à 5 - but the single copy that was available yesterday is gone! How is that possible?)
Sea dragon

Nothing improves the feeling of a six day work week like ...

Went to see a brainless, silly movie with shadowdaddy tonight (wechsler was invited, but no go) - Wall E. I figured I needed something light to pick me up after a thoroughly exhausting week, and this seemed like the way to go. I decided to splurge (thanks to this morning's windfall) and bought premium seats (ooh ooh), but due to my naturally tight-fisted nature I also brought my own freshly made, freshly buttered popcorn (let's mention that my stuff is 100 times better than what they serve in the theaters here, since it's actually FRESH and BUTTERED).

Anyway, the movie was a total delight, except for the fact that the 40 minutes of commercials and previews before it actually started pretty much wrecked the patience of the many small children in the audience. I wonder if it will do for cockroaches what Ratatouille did for rats? "Mommy, mommy, can I have one as a pet, they're so cute!"

I liked that I had absolutely no idea where the story was going to go as I hadn't seen a preview for it and didn't read the reviews other than the five stars at the top. I'll extend the same courtesy to you: fun, go see.

Now we're watching what I call Thames TV ... the clouds slowly rolling over Bishops' Park. It's lovely. I think in a quick bit I'll whip us up some dinner and then see about drinks and a game.

weegoddess, thinking of you, and wish you were here.