July 20th, 2008

Sea dragon

This was a nice Sunday

I had a good time killing my Sunday in Brighton with wechsler while shadowdaddy worked on a show near Euston. The weather was pretty good, a bit cool at times, but I borrowed wechsler's extra jacket and stayed more than warm enough.

What is funny is that if I summarized my trip, I would say, "I went to Brighton, I walked to the beach, and then I fell asleep. After I woke up, I went home." It is really a bit hard to get more relaxed than that. We also had ice cream at Scoop Crump (amazing, I want to write to Rick Steves and have him recommend it) and a rather dull lunch at Picasso (a pan-Hispanic cuisine restaurant that utterly failed to be as good as the Ecuadoran bakery near tonyawinter's place) which was marred for me by the unannounced addition of blue cheese to the brushetta we ordered. I was eating it and suddenly wondered why everything tasted like mold - it was because some rank melted blue cheese had got in my mouth!

Otherwise I bought nothing despite yesterday's windfall, which basically loosened the purse strings enough for me to feel like I could afford to go to Brighton on a whim. Getting the "annual Gold card" discount on my fare sure helped - from 18 quid to 11 - a deal! - but still, mostly, I consider that (18 pounds) above and beyond acceptable expenses for a day's amusement. Actually, I did buy more food at the "50 Miles" shop, which is closing, sadly. Most of what I bought was boozes for shadowdaddy so he'd have something nice to come home to, but I also got some bottles of cider (to drink on the train) and two jars of jam.

Er, anyway, so W and I went home, I made some dinner, we drank wine and basically killed time until shadowdaddy made it back, and now it's the end of the day and I'm pretty worn out. Working on a Saturda, it pretty much guarantees that I go back into work not as refreshed as I would have been with two full days off.