July 21st, 2008


I must be the only person I know who really likes Mondays

I have a guest review up on my theater blog - booklectic's review of the Singalonga "Hairpray." Highly recommended for fans of the original!

Thanks to my friend melatonin, I slept like a dead thing last night, and, well into the part of the morning where I was supposed to be up and active, I was still feeling rather like a dead thing. Ah well. Melatonin at 10 PM should be the new rule, and "breakfast ten minutes before you're supposed to be off of the couch" should be an additional, permanent morning rule. I miss eating a nice bowl of cereal over the Seattle Post-Intelligencer in the mornings - while pointing out to J funny things on LJ isn't so bad, I preferred talking about the news and Ann Landers.

My boss said he's supposed to have the meeting with Uberboss and Great Boss On High about getting officially promoted. I'm pretending that this has already happened and am busily training a new starter today as if she already, really, honestly reported to me. Cross your fingers that the promotion happens for real and the reorg doesn't hold them back. If it goes through, I will consider this to have been about the best week of the entire year. I mean, hey, I found a £1 coin on the train yesterday and J got paid for the show he did yesterday (enough to buy a round of drinks AND a pizza!), so things are going well!