July 22nd, 2008


The work permit madness continues to make me ... mad

And now we need to have an additional £533 in an account for shadowdaddy.

And we're supposed to have had it for the last three months.

How many freaking hoops are they going to add, here? I mean, Oxsana Baiul could throw in three extra "triple toe loop triple salchows" while doing her skating routine, but I would have to travel through time to make this happen.

Maybe somehow the US bank accounts will work for this.

Sea dragon

Theater blogging

I'm hanging out at the Garrick with the West End Whingers and discussing "Under the Blue Sky," the play we just saw at the Duke of York's theater. Amusingly, it was all about schoolteachers hooking up with each other, and I could really imagine certain members of my flist really getting a kick out of it. Full review to follow shortly; right now I need to dish and drink my Pimms.