July 25th, 2008


No ticket refund or exchange for me

ENO laughed when I called about returning the tickets; they don't take returns when other companies use the Coliseum. Bah. So much for exchanging tonight's tickets to see the mixed bill on Sunday (I couldn't afford to do both). Fortunately, wechsler is willing to go with me, so they're not a total write-off, though he'd certainly rather do something else. (varina8, 1songstress, where are you when I need you?) Giselle is a really good show, though, so I'm hoping he enjoys at least a bit of it, and we will certainly enjoy each other's company. I think Sunday we'll go to Canterbury if the weather is good while shadowdaddy is waiting in a crush of people to see sweaty man in spandex speed by him on the Champs Elysee. And I'm planning on sleeping in both of the next two days - I am a bit worn out from this week, even though I'm champing at the bit to make the most of my Friday.

I'm working on my Monkey review in between test runs at work; shall post here when finished.

Review of "Monkey" is up

Interesting, this icon is actually a shot of the curtains at the Royal Opera House. Anyway, that's where I went and saw the opera "Monkey: Journey to the West" last night. My review is posted on my Wordpress blog now, if you want to see it.

We had a work lunch and we wound up in a restaurant at the same time as another group of 15, and four people wound up cancelling their orders, while three others just finally took stuff that had come out that no one was claiming ("Duck? Sure, whatever. I asked for Pad Thai but Panang curry will be just fine.") It's sad because I go to this restaurant a lot and really would have liekd to bring them more business, but we'll never have a team do there again after things tanked so spectacularly today.

Back from "Giselle"

Wow. Even wechsler liked it.

I mean, who thought someone could be so expressive with their feet? And the prince, he really captured the feeling of being bewitched. And when Giselle snapped the tether she about went boing right on stage.

Anyway, in short: gorgeous. I'm really glad I had a chance to have W see a really good story ballet, and this one is my very favorite, and done so well.

Tomorrow: a play at the Menier Chocolate Factory with booklectic in the afternoon, and, boy, I will be at play capacity for the week!