July 26th, 2008

Holo Holo Girl

It's really summer!

Damn, it's GORGEOUS outside.

This is how Saturdays ought to be, including sleeping until 11 and the happy buzz of knowing I'll see my friends later.

I'm going to make some breakfast now.
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Life is good: Bush and Batman

I had a great day today, despite having my brain feel like I was sideways for about three hours after I got up (low blood sugar? Something else?). I went to the Borough Market with wechsler and promptly spent every penny I had, ending up with gnocchi, pesto, chocolates, and a prosciutto sandwich. Then I went to the Menier Chocolate Factory slash theater to meet booklectic and the West End Whingers and see a musical. Uh, er, I guess it's called They're Playing Our Song, and I consider it a bad thing that somehow between 3 PM and now I forgot the title. It was a pleasant afternoon, but the Neil Simon dialogue kind of killed the show (even more than the heat and the fact I could NOT SIT STRAIGHT in my seat - far worse than flying RyanAir!).

Er, from there it was off to Streatham and the seph_hazard party, which was a good time, in part because I got in a long chat with lilithmagna's dad about the whole stolentea and kafuela thing - about "taking responsibility for your own feelings" but also how sometimes people are silly or stupid and there's no point in being friends with them anymore. And I left at 10, feeling like I'd had a good time, but, gosh, really, I'm worn out. Five shows in five days - you think I might be tired? We'll see if Canterbury happens or not tomorrow - obviously if we get the thunderstorms that are threatening it will not happen.

Uh, finally, a quote from a hysterically wrong review of Batman (and, hey, maybe he's right about the movie's message, but obviously his view of the world is as wrong as someone who thinks that the sun revolves around the earth): "There seems to me no question that the Batman film "The Dark Knight" ... is at some level a paean of praise to the fortitude and moral courage that has been shown by George W. Bush in this time of terror and war." And look, did I not just make you snort your beverage of choice over the keyboard? Sadly, waiting to hear from my friends if they agree with this review will keep me from seeing this movie ... but seriously, folks, considering that I've been to see four plays and a Guy Maddin movie this week, it probably wasn't that high on my list of things to do anyway. (Not that it shouldn't be for you: please, do let me know if you think the writer is correct about the political intent of this movie.)

Did I mention I was thinking about reducing how much I go out during the week? I was thinking if I only did two nights and then aimed to see shows on Friday I might be able to reduce the amount of sleep dep I'm experiencing. But, well, we'll see ...