July 27th, 2008


Canterbury? Tate Modern? Batman? How about ... blogging, reading, napping, and cleaning?

Life caught up to me today and I've so far failed to leave the house. It just seemed like a good idea to, I don't know, finish the cheesy Michael Moorcock/Storm Constantine book I've been reading, pick up some of the layers of crud strewn across every room of the house, catch up with my theater blogging ((reviews of Giselle (24 hits without any attempt to pimp it, who in the world is bothering to read the crap I write anyway?) and the play I saw yesterday with booklectic are now up, and can I say that having to blog four shows in a week constitutes WORK?), and maybe get some relaxing in. I tried making the cherry tomato and arugula/"rocket" (seriously, that is what they call it here) pasta dish I linked to a few days ago, and it was quite good.

Now I'm sitting in the living room enjoying the benefits of the fan we just bought because, well, you know, it's kind of warm in here. I definitely need to clean some more, but, well, Max Silverskin is about to save the world, and ... I think I need to ... nap ... for a bit ......

Oh, the weather!

Can it JUST FUCKING RAIN already!

Thank you for letting me get that off my chest. Perhaps I will now go take my third shower of the day?
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