July 29th, 2008


In Japanese, she's called "ジゼル" - my day in review

I'm still stunned by how many hits I'm getting for my review of Giselle. I'm also excited because I managed to translate "ジゼル" (Jizeru, "Giselle") and also "ブログ (Burogu, "blog") from the site that's sending me the most traffic. No idea what she's saying otherwise, though.

At home tonight after having a round at the "Bree Louise," which for some reason I keep thinking is called the Princess Cheese or something like that. They advertised 10 ciders, but only three on tap, two of them being very common drinks not worth the trouble. The 7 bottles were also all fairly common except for the carmel and cinnamon flavored one, which I didn't touch.

The drinks were kind of my promotion celebration do, though it was much better than it might have been thanks to the presence of only one coworker (Person C, with whom I had a great laugh about Mr. Marmite thinking we were at each other's throats). Technically shadowdaddy counts as a coworker, but not too much; also present was wechsler, who was rather quiet.

Anyway, I'm going to spend the next three days studying for a certification exam in a little cottage next to the sea (okay, it's a room over a pub, but I like to dream), and I'm excited about getting away from work for a bit and recharging my orgone in the salt air. Unfortunately the CD I was supposed to use to study from isn't working at all; the password I got won't unlock it and I assume they're going to say it's because I used it on another computer - though it's not true. Unfortunately their customer service is email only and they did NOT respond to me all day. Grr. I did, however, buy a book to study from, so I've got myself covered, I think, more than enough for three days what with the old exams I got from a coworker and some additional stuff I downloaded off of the website of the certification board.

Must pack now, though I think I might be able to fit a little more cider in me in a bit.