July 30th, 2008


Why do LOLcats never complain about a lack of sleep?

Had a rancid evening after I realized my normal catsitter wasn't available when I thought said person would be, which led to stressing out about that and many other things while I was trying to pack. AARGH why am I not friends with someone in my building who could do this?

Then had a very non-sleeping, overwarm person next to me in bed KEEPING ME AWAKE. Sleep FAIL.

Finally fell asleep and dreamed about my trip ... which was now WITH MY GRANDMOTHER to Peru. We arrived in Peru and I realized I hadn't made hotel reservations and was running around trying to figure out just where we could sleep. (Possibly this was triggered by the hotelier calling me last night to say, "It's 10 PM, why aren't you here yet?" This was because we were actually due ON WEDNESDAY.) Later we were supposed to meet my dad and go somewhere else, which (in my dream) was why he was taking care of my cat while I was gone. I got up and read LJ this morning and discovered that in reality land, it's my dad's birthday today. Present purchase FAIL. (I got them for my sister and her kids, though, who's birthdays are all within a few days of each other, so I didn't do too badly.)

Shadowdaddy made me a lovely breakfast and now that I've eaten it it's time to get moving, finish packing, and get the hell out of Dodge.
Sea dragon

Later in Lyme Regis

Jason, sketching near the Cobb two hours ago (very French Lieutenant's Woman). Later - Wow - a pub with Inches Stonehouse, Addison's, and Thatcher's Dry ciders on tap! The Volunteer in Lyme Regis has my vote!