August 2nd, 2008

Queen Apple

Studying Saturday

Ive spent the afternoon studying for my certification exam on Monday. It's not what I intended to do but it does seem like it was the best possible plan considering that the sample test I just took I only got 30/40 questions right (when the pass is 25, and I'd like to be much higher in the safe zone, say at around 35). I must apparently memorize some more terms in order to push my score higher - rote memorization has always been my biggest failure as a student. Perhaps flash cards will help.

For now, a brief walk along the river to help alleviate the boredom caused by spending the day indoors - poor shadowdaddy has been a real trooper, but he did have a major outbreak of happy when he got his early birthday present from me - Stevie Wonder tickets, for all the way in October. Happy early birthday to you! Later on tonight we're going to the Victorian Music Hall singalong thingie at Wilton's Music Hall. I'd been really hoping to convince souldier_blue to come along with us to this, but no luck - but I guess I'm not entirely a poor sell as thisstagewc1 is coming with. "Doing the Lambeth Walk," here I come - ready for my real Cockney knees up!