August 4th, 2008


Now that was a bad night's sleep

I am so tired of waking up an hour earlier than I need to get up and not being able to fall back asleep. It's not like I don't need the sleep. I'm guaranteed to be exhausted for much of the rest of the day now. I tried to not lay there and worry about the stupid test thing, but who knows, maybe that was what was keeping me up.

Sadly, I also had a hard time falling alseep, even though I was tired for most of the evening. I just now found out shadowdaddy also couldn't fall asleep, and that when I gave up and went into the guest bedroom, he gave up and turned on the lights and read a book until 2 AM. So now we're both really tired. What a great start to our week! How can I sleep so well on weekends and then totally fail to get enough on a night when I need the sleep?

God I wish I'd taken melatonin last night.
Sea dragon

The start of the end: Finding Time Again

I gave up on studying this morning and opened my hot new copy of Finding Time Again, the last novel in The Work. I'm up to page 7, and already he's complaining about his friends disappointing and talking about laying in his bed and looking out the window. Our Marcel, plus ca change.

And me, I am going to the gym now and bringing my lovely copy of Saratoga Trifecta with me. I wish I'd brought the Jo Clayton instead but she was crowded out of my bag by the book I've been studying for the exam I'm taking this afternoon. I'm also going to be interviewing someone at 2 PM. None of this really excites me though, you know? What I'm excited about is my books and the leaving bit today and the evening ahead of me. (That said, I'd also be excited if the final letter we need from the bank for our visa application were waiting at home, but I won't know until I get there. We're going to sign the papers this afternoon but the app still can't go out because we're missing one piece of paper. Bah and foo and grr and I can haz nap nao, plz.)
Sea dragon

Exam done

Am sitting at Staple Inn with its rosy fountain and peaceful benches (this is the very Elizabethan building on High Holborn next to the Chancery Lane entrances). Who'd think there'd be such a quiet space just off such a busy thoroughfare? At any rate, I scored 35 /40 on my test, a strong pass and much better than I'd done on the sample tests.Staple_Inn.jpgBoy, the roses here really smell nice.
Sea dragon

Nothing to do

Oh my, I'm at home with nothing to do. I fell asleep after I got in the door and, later, indulged myself by buying pizza at Mascalzone instead of bothering with cooking. I also bought a bottle of wine to go with it. Nice, eh?

This is great. I might read a book or even watch one of those David Attenborough DVDs I borrowed from spikeylady. YAY no studying!