August 5th, 2008


Feeling chipper today; review of show

I had a very nice night last night and slept like a rock. Before I went to bed, I managed to read my Jo Clayton book (for a bit), watch the David Attenborough "Deep Sea" episode (the worms that live at 80C on the sides of the sea chimney! the dumbo octopus! firefly squid!), and update my review of "Wink the Other Eye" so that it looked a bit more like something suitable for the public. Admittedly all of my cheer can't be blamed on doing so well on my exam yesterday, but it was a huge relief to have it over and NOT have bombed it like I was afraid I might.

Oh, I also handed off my/our visa/work permit papers to the lawyer yesterday. Here's hoping everything gets finished well in time for my sisters arrival - this would mean I have it back in my hot little hands by October the third, which I think is very doable at present, even with a six week delay in processing times.

And look, it's the day before payday and for once I'm not trying to stretch my last two pennies to last until tomorrow, AND I'm going to see Wizard of Oz tonight with wechsler. So hey, maybe I do have a lot to be happy about, all things considered.

The biggest geek in the world

I just got a yes to an invite to Thanksgiving from another American I know who works in London, my friend "Jose" (Josela if I've been drinking) that I used to work with at Tripadelic. He's even willing to take the day off work and do it properly.

I was all ready to can Thanksgiving altogether this year as just Too Much Work (washing dishes for three days afterwards killed my buzz), but now suddenly I'm all excited about it and I'm thinking about who else I can invite (my retired uncle! my Kiwi friend that lived in America for years!) and when do I need to make a reservation to get a turkey and should I take off the Friday too. I'm going to have to keep it really small, no more than eight people, so everyone can actually sit at the table. (Makes me miss the one I had back home, I tell you, and the two extra tables I could stick on to it to make enough room for 16.)

Isn't this silly? I'd been thinking I was going to go to Morocco instead this year and now I'm back to figuring out a recipe for sweet potato pie. I guess all of these years of having wonderful Thanksgivings at my house has made it a day I just can't stand to pluck out of my calendar.

If Michel Foucault were writing today ....

Per an article in the New York Times, Stanley Fish notes "Michel Foucault made a career of observing that modern techniques of regulation are more far-reaching and consequential than the old way of keeping people in line with guns and clubs, especially when they are imposed for your own good and for the good of society. He would have had a field day with recycling and would no doubt have written a book (maybe he did and I missed it while sorting the garbage), entitled, perhaps, 'The Archaeology of Waste.' "

I like recycling but Mr. Fish does really capture how I feel strangled by this movement to ever higher levels of environmental and social purity in so many aspects of everyday life.