August 7th, 2008

Sea dragon

I'm running a bit lazy this morning

So far I've written on the white board, eaten a ham and cheese croissant, talked to tonyawinter about her visit, and ordered some fudge from Anna Lena's in Long Beach, Washington, which is apparently closing down. I've also written up a slightly fuller review of Pygmalion at the Old Vic.

Tonight is drinks after work - a taking it easy kind of evening. I probably need these now and then.

Hey, Proust readers, if you're at Time Regained (pages 15-23), can you answer this question for me (or discuss it with me)? Collapse )

Great evening at the pub and dinner

I spent the night drinking and eating with indigo_violet, first at the Bricklayer's Arms and then at Palms of Goa. We talked about our families, our friends, and ourselves, and learned a little more about each other.

Making friends is an activity that requires work and effort, one day at a time, building ties that bind you together, but spending time with someone this lovely means it never feels like work and seemingly requires no effort ... everything just happens on its own once you make the effort of getting off of your butt and doing it. Thank you for a lovely evening!

How I feel about the Olympics

Years ago I decided the Olympics was just a big money-churning machine like the rest of organized sports, designed to squeeze money out of governments and promote the b.s. concept of athletes "representing" anything besides their corporate owners. The Olympics actually became even smarmier in my eyes as I saw them bullying anyone and anything that might impinge on their "intellectual property" (which was pretty funny for someone living near the "Olympic" mountains), thus reducing the amount of money they could get from licensing fees.

And, well, then they decided to hold it in China. Leaving aside the issue of Tibet, China's treatment of its citizens is horrid, and has only become worse since the loosening of control of the financial markets. Pollution, slave labor, property seizure, all of this on top of the political silencing of its citizens that has gone on without end since ... well, in some ways, throughout Chinese history, at least if you were poor.

In some ways, it was the perfect match, China and the Olympics. When I saw on the TV at the gym today what looked like someone about to light a torch, I turned away and studiously worked on my mystery novel. Those three seconds will be all I watch of this ... thing.