August 9th, 2008

Sea dragon

I'm just sitting here watching the world go by

I had a lovely breakfast of waffles with strawberries on top.

It's clouded over since this morning and is raining right now based on the umbrellas I see outside, so I think right now I'll spend some time working on getting all of the clothes put away in my bedroom.

Birthday party tonight!

That rain can stop now

I have been cleaning the bedroom off and on since about 1:30. I've also written up I, Lear a little more formally, checked travel times to get to the riding stable in Surrey tomorrow (leave Putney at 11 to be at the stable by 2 ... I so would like my car back right now!), and eaten Guy-ella, shadowdaddy's version of paella, made with Vigo Spanish rice mix as a base and with some onions and tasty chorizo thrown in. I also had a read of the absentee ballot for Washington State's primary election. Most amusing candidate: Goodspaceguy Nelson, who's running for congress. (Real quote from the election guide: "Current Occupation: An owner of real estate and stocks, Goodspaceguy is also an economist. Family: The life of Spaceship Earth is his family.") He's got a blog and everything. I'm not so worried about his calls to limit my campaign contribution to under $25 in order to raise the living standard - I can probably do much less than that.

Oh dear, there appears to be an upside-down umbrella floating down the Thames. Someone has got to be very unhappy about that.
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