August 11th, 2008

Sea dragon

Back to weekly Proust reports

Man, I can barely cross my legs after yesterday, and even walking is a bit of an effort.

That said, Time Regained is at page 39. The narrator has spent a bit of time talking about World War I, which is really odd given that the entire rest of the novel (all six books) has seemed nearly removed from history other than the Dreyfus affair (which was only really dealt with insofar as it made it difficult to create a invite list to a party). The discussion is focused on what people are wearing and what people are talking about at parties, however, so it still fits in with the rest of the novel, except insofar as it's now got such a particular date associated with the events that are being described that it's like someone has used a pushpin to attach the novel to a history chart.

I dreamed last night that shadowdaddy had misread the terms of our lease and decided we were moving. I came home and all sorts of our old friends (i.e. sallysimpleton and others) were putting things into boxes and the living room was already two thirds cleared out. I had to shoo everyone away and explain to J that we still had two months before we had to move, and since we had to pay rent during this time, we might as well stay. I was sad about leaving our place, though - where could we move that would allow me so much time to daydream? That said, I'm irritated about another £70 rise in our rent and wonder if we should look at a different apartment. A one bedroom would make a LOT of difference in our monthly rent output.

LATER: I was chatting with silkyraven yesterday about American culture, specifically the "pot luck" (versus having dinner parties), and I mentioned how people at really big events were a bit competitive about who would have their food finished first. What I forgot to mention was the parallel track of entering your food to be judged in the county fair. I used to do this, and brought home many ribbons for my cookies (and sometimes for my cakes) in my division. I'd do it again if I could. At any rate, fun article about this in the New York Times today (in Marquette, Michigan, of all places, long time home of shadowdaddy's younger uncle) - read it! "In judging the fair’s baked goods over the last decade, she has demonstrated almost supernatural abilities, as if she can detect margarine in your banana bread by sight." Oh yeah!
Morning cuppa

Clockwatching today

My heart's just not in it today and I'm so grateful it's 5 PM now and I'm free to leave. I'm a bit physically worn out from yesterday, to boot, and I'd like nothing better than to take a nap right now. Of course, what I've got to look foward to is going to trishpiglet and babysimon's, which is great and should cheer me up.

Believe it or not, despite feeling like this most of the day, I went to the gym for lunch - figure it would help work out some of the soreness. This is in spite of the fact that gymming is as boring as watching paint dry for me. I did make some headway on Saratoga Swimmer, however, which was far more real to me than any of the information on the machines about my speed and my heart rate. Someday I'll do an update about how my tricep and rhomboid workouts are going (I think I'm doing 30 kilos on the triceps and 25 on the rhomboids, but not sure), but what I really ought to do is go to the doctor and have my blood pressure checked again - and get a referral to go back to the specialist, since I am kicked out of the specialist until I get another letter, I need to get off of my duff and ask.

Really, what I'd like is to see no results and then ditch this stupid exercise program, which is the most unexciting way to waste three hours a week ever, but I'd also like to see my blood pressure go down. Sure, I'd lose some muscle tone, but ... hey, who cares, right?
Queen Apple

A song and dance and some food

I had a wonderful time visiting with trishpiglet and babysimon and having a big Indian vegetarian feast at the place we keep going to nearby (Sree Krishna Tooting, which sounds a bit like a patron saint).

Happy about my evening, really, it cheered me up. I'm watching a show about the development of London after the war with shadowdaddy now. Man, I am tired.