August 13th, 2008

reading is fun-damental

This may be the year I do Nano Wrimo

So I've got this idea ... of doing a modern version of Madame Bovary, called Ms Bovary or something like that. It would be about an extremely silly, shallow woman who rides around reading dumb chick lit books and "Hello" magazine on the tube, and thinks that somehow this is what life is going to be like when she gets married.

I'm guessing that she marries a city finance guy or something, so she can be bored and disgusted by him and his boring table conversation (about "business"), but how do you fit in all of that Victorian "must keep the affair hidden at all costs" thing in a world where divorces are easy and lovers are common?

How do you make it critical that she stays with her husband instead of leaving? That is the mystery I have yet to work out. I was imagining that she maybe had to keep her visa so she could be in the same country as her lover, but that doesn't quite work for the vision I had of the novel ... ideas?

Giant flist cull

Right. If I can't match an LJ handle to a face and/or a name, you may have been defriended.

If we haven't commented on each other's journals in the last three months, you may have been defriended.

If you don't write in your journal, you may have been defriended.

If your posts depress or bore me ... and we don't talk any more ... you may have been defriended.

(Oddly, the people who complain about their lives being boring haven't been defriended. And the people who are just brilliant writers and share great parts of their lives with me ... I kept you all.)

If I met you once one, two, three or more years ago, you may have been defriended.

Most of you probably won't notice. I went from 204 friends to 160 156 and I'm probably not done yet. If you care, let me know; I don't think reading my blog is probably all that exciting to most of you.

Oh yeah. Have you been commenting like a MAD DOG in my blog since I met you two weeks ago? Fine, you win. :-)

(Am I down and was I thinking of deleting my journal? Yes. This is part of my attempt to deal with those feelings.)