August 14th, 2008


Tea madness!

Let there be tea!

I have just bought big pound bags (making the 10% discount kick in) from the Perennial Tea Room (in Seattle) of:

Red Peach Keemun (my favorite tea ever)
Makaibari Estate Muscatel 2nd Flush Darjeeling 2007
Standard Keemun Congou

and quarter pound bags of:
Millima Estate Tea
Natela's Gold Standard (it's from Georgia, republic of, I am intrigued)
"Ruby 18" (a "rare Taiwan black tea, whatever that means)

They'll be coming back to the UK with my friend Josh, who is visiting his folks in Puyallup for the next two weeks.

I have been running out of tea and I'm stoked! This should get me through the winter with ease.