August 18th, 2008

Morning cuppa

Phone at home!

Dammit, I forgot to bring my phone with me today. This is what I get for looking at pictures on it this morning instead of, say, dropping it in my bag.

rosamicula, we're still on for the concert this afternoon (1 PM, Cadogan Hall, Jordi Savall). spikeylady, I have my suit and am ready to swim this evening - it's at 7:15 now, right? I'll plan to be at yours no later than 6:50. Both of you, I'll email you my work number so you can contact me as I don't have your phone numbers or anything to confirm stuff.

In a pretense of content, I'll say that I finished my Jo Clayton book (The Snares of Ibex) this morning and got back to Proust, where I'm at page 77 and the narrator has just run into Mr. Charlus on the streets of wartime Paris, where (he suspects) Mr. Charlus is out cruising. It's so bizarre to think of gay guys cruising in the Edwardian era, but I suppose it happened. With luck I may update my theater blog with my review of West Side Story - somehow the weekend slipped away and I wound up spending almost no time at all on the computer. Who'da thunk it?
Queen Apple

Work! Writing! Concert Monday Madness!

Right, so at work everybody has been really busy fixing the problems with last Saturday's deployment (which had people here until 10 PM) ... meaning no one has time to deploy any regular code and I've had not much to do. I managed to head off to Cadogan Hall over lunch to meet rosamicula and see Jordi Savall do a BBC Proms show (which you can listen to online). It was a complete panic to make it over to Sloane Square from work in a mere 30 minutes, but somehow I flew like a bird up and down stairs, escalators, and every other obstacle, and actually made it in my seat before the music started. rosamicula and I didn't get to talk much during the show, but with luck we'll be able to spend some time together before too long goes by.

In other news, I've posted my review of the West Side Story I saw at Sadler's Wells on Friday with shadowdaddy, booklectic and Cate. I feel like I'm really behind with stuff right now. I wonder what else I need to do that I'm not remembering?

Swimming wears me out

Damn, I am beat. Water aerobics with spikeylady at the Streatham Leisure Centre was fun but I walked out of the pool feeling like I had lead weights attached to my arms and legs. However, back at her house she fed me a nice pasta bake (and there was cider sitting in the fridge, thanks, bootpunk!) and a damson crumble that ergotia had made - which came with a visit from the chef! That was great and it was a good evening but I look like I've got suitcases under my eyes and I'm going to bed now.