August 19th, 2008


Wow, I slept hard

All of that exercise before bed must be good for me.

Tonight: to see Into the Hoods or not? I feel lazy but considering what I short time I've been up, that's probably not surprising.

Tickets for the play are too expensive!

Into the Hoods has become tremendously popular in its closing weeks, so instead of tickets for £10 it's tickets for £40, or third balcony for £20 each.

Given that information, we're now going to stay at home tonight. I've bought two gigantic t-bone steaks from the wonderful Theobald's Road butcher shop (£10 for the two, pricey but since I haven't bought steak in a year, I figure, so what), and we'll have salad and mashed potatoes to go with - just like home! (Though, truth be told, we never really had steak much at home, either - it'll just be a nice treat.) Now what I need is to have my brother and SIL come over for dinner and then a play nice round of Through the Desert or Samurai afterwards. Ah well.