August 23rd, 2008


So busy today!

Morning: big breakfast.
Afternoon: on the way to Waterloo, get a call from Arwen (can't remember LJ) saying, "Hi, I'm at Waterloo and can't get XXX on the phone, what are you doing?" Drag her along with us to robot_mel's Goffs Look at Skeletons thing at the Wellcome collection. Decide to brush teeth more, eat my greens, and wear helmet at all times. After a cup of tea and a cupcake, head to the British Museum to look at American Prints exhibit. Return home to change clothes for ...
Evening: Miss Behave's Variety Nightie at the Roundhouse, which appears to be sold out. We hope that Arwen can get a single ticket for tonight PLEASE PLEASE!

I must dress now, see you all at the barbeque tomorrow!