August 24th, 2008

disco ball

Dancing and singing and the flying trapeze

Tonight I went with J, Alex, and Arwen to Miss Behave's Variety Nighty at the Roundhouse. It was a night of great circus acts - men on trapezes, women eating fire, some hysterical people dancing around a pole (right out of a Monty Python skit). I was enraptured by the rock and roll hula hooper, and the 80's hair-in-face guy who did a routine on a hoop to A-Ha songs .... oh my God, he was gorgeous.

Afterwards J and Arwen and I went to the Enterprise across the way, while Alex ran off to the Dev. We walked into the bar and they were playing some early seventies jangly rock stuff - T. Rex and that sort - and I was just instantly in my groove, like I'd walked into the Cha Cha back in Seattle. In fact, it was just like being in the Cha Cha when we went there the infamous New Years of 1999 - the time I wound up dancing to Cherry Bomb and losing about an hour or two in the bar. I have no idea of when we got there or when we actually left. Anyway, so I caught that vibe, and the DJ was just playing the magic radio station in my head - eventually getting out of the sixties and playing the 80s songs I loved, "This Charming Man," "Personal Jesus" (okay I didn't love Depeche Mode but it brings back great memories), "Blue Monday" - plus "Twist and Shout," "Love Potion Number 9," some Beach Boys song ... I twisted, I shouted, I sang along, I did the pony, I did the swim, I danced until my clothes were soaked. I did high kicks with strangers, flirted with some girl who was probably on E, and winked at an old guy looking in through the window who couldn't get enough of me.

Anyway, fab night, left at 11:30, really enjoyed myself. I want to find that DJ and dance to his music again.