August 27th, 2008


OMG best chocolates ever

I did a special order from Hotel Chocolat this month - the "exuberantly fruity" collection. I normally limit myself to two chocolates a day (when they're available), but I just now polished off three in about ten minutes: a "Baltic truffle" ("an intense base layer of red currant ganache topped with creamy, white chocolate ganache, finished with a sprinkling of fruity sugar" for that extra crunch), a "peach and raspberry truffle" ("a milk chocolate shell filled with light cream ganache blende with 100% natural peach and raspberry juice"), and a "blackcurrant bombe" ("creamy black currant ganache wih a white chcolate shell, rolled in black currant powder for an incredibly tangy result" - to DIE for!)

OH Jesus I'm going to have another. Now.