August 28th, 2008


Big Red is in the office! And GIP

I'm at work, packed and ready to leave tonight. Somehow today I wound up wearing my LOLBat t-shirt to work (it just showed up yesterday), so I'm looking quite a bit sillier than usual. I've got time to go to dinner before I go to the station: where shall I eat? Indian seems to be in the cards.

It seems to me like I should go to the gym today, otherwise I'll have only made it once all week (though between the Monday holiday and having Friday off, this is fairly acceptable - and I brought new socks!). I took notes of my tricep pulling ability last week: 35 kilos when using both arms. My results on the rhomboid/back workout machine isn't is good; only 25 kilos. I guess I am wimpy, but over time I'll hopefully see some improvements in both.

And I did a meme. I am a Collapse )