September 1st, 2008

Sea dragon

The Proust Must Flow

I think my reading has been slow, doubtlessly thanks to getting caught up in The Atrocity Archives, a Charlaine Harris book (Shakespeare's Champion), and Saratoga Swimmer. That said, I'm at page 142 of Finding Time Again, in which the narrator is discussing the way bombing raids make people unafraid of acting in keeping with their desires as they are no longer concerned about their reputations. That, I think, has not changed much over time.

I'm a bit worn out today but back at work, and my little fever of last night appears to have burnt itself right up.

This week: dinner with wechsler tonight, possibly again tomorrow (or maybe I'll get my hair done), Matthew Bourne's Portrait of Dorian Grey on Wednesday, then tonyawinter arrives Thursday for a week long visit. I'm excited!
I Miss America

Help me understand this

So ... the Clintons name their daughter Chelsea ...

but the Palins (McCain's Veep in waiting) name their daughter Bristol.

Clarify this for me, English people, but is this not like choosing to name your daughter "Pittsburgh" or "Toledo" rather than "Sedona" (really nice town in the red rocks desert) or ... I don't know ... Tiffany (fancy jewelry store)?

What cultural implications does a name like Bristol have for you? (Other than that of a girl being kept locked up inside her house and forced to deny she's just had a baby in order to keep a stain off of the family's name. Note: now they admit she's 5 months pregnant - but who knows about the other one? Eight months absence for mono? I think not. There will be a book coming out about this that will make Mommie Dearest look like Good Night, Moon.)

News reports: Republican convention is being ruined by Hurricane Gustav. Gawd, now ain't that cosmic justice.