September 3rd, 2008

Crowned T

Rather a pleasant lunch

I decided to switch gymming this week to Thursday and Friday and went to the British Museum to try to catch the end of the American Prints exhibit at the British Museum. Well, I can make it there, but somehow I can't manage to get all the way through anything, ever. This time I managed the middle third of the exhibit, which was great.

While we were there, the weather went from sunny and mild to windy and wild, and we just barely made it in the door before the rain started dumping down. Now it's sunny and cloudy again. God, living on an island is wierd.

Note to self: buy the album on which Jordi Savall is playing the Karl Friedrich Abel "Prelude in re mineur" - they just played it on the Baroque music station on LastFM and it was great.
Sea dragon

Back from Matthew Bourne's Dorian Gray - and GIP

Sadly, neither J nor I were particularly moved by tonight's show. The most exciting moment for me was when we walked out to a deliciously amplified version of "Prince Charming." I did also like the skull-shaped disco ball in the second half - must every Bourne show have a scene in a disco, and include people doing the pony?

Full writeup tomorrow. I'm grateful to be home so early; I can take a little time to get ready for my guest. tonyawinter countdown: T-14 hours (guessing transportation time from the airport)!

PS: Special new icon!