September 9th, 2008


Glorious Tuesday - a massage!

I woke up in the middle of the night and found Boo asleep on my foot. This was warm and wonderful and I could really get used to it, if only I could sleep in th same position all night. Hah.

My dreams seemed to be all about missing airplanes and driving around in taxis trying to catch them. At the end, wechsler and I made it through security but lost his passport. No telling what this all means.

My shoulders are immensely tight - and I remembered that today is massage day at work. Oh happy day, calloo callay!

Enough fiddling, I must get ready for work ...
Bad Spelling Suxx

Philosophical note du jour

If you decide to call somebody's shit, you will likely get better results if you don't pry their jaws open and force feed it to them.

This may lead to embarassment when you realize you've been up to the elbows in poo and are now covered in it.

It may get even worse when you discover later it was not even the right poo, and in fact you were just being horrible to someone while telling yourself you were doing acts all in the name of What Is Good And Right. The object of your education campaign may not be happy about your methods even if your heart really was in the right place. Vicious means never justify even the most noble of ends - eventually it becomes about the means and nothing else.

That said, it's odd how rare the talent of calling someone's shit in an effective manner truly is.