September 10th, 2008

Proust quote

Still really down. Proust update.

It's kind of sunny outside and it looks like a nice day to do things. I've actually got a vacation day today to spend with my houseguest, but I may not actually be needed. I'll find out pretty soon. I'm awfully down so if today isn't going to work out, I'll probably go back to work - I'm not in good shape for staying at home, especially since the building's water is off today while they replace some pipes.

I'm at page 182 of Time Regained. The narrator is trying to work out a certain feeling of timelessness and figure out what it components are. It's interesting - I feel this book really shows a less mature writing style than The Fugitive, which, sequentially, was written after this one (and was also the last thing he wrote). He's talking about remembering things he wrote about in the last novel, but the way he wrote about experiencing them was so much better than his description of remembering them.

I get the feeling I'm holding off finishing the book because I don't want to be done with it. My two co-readers, nwhyte and emmarytz, have already finished (though emmarytz skipped a few pages, if I'm not mistaken). If middle age is realizing you're never going to read Remembrance, is finishing it the mark of middle age? Or maybe I've just been seriously distracted by my other books. Accelerando has been fantastic, and the Charlaine Harris mysteries are great.

I am going to write a long quote from How Proust Can Change Your Life, but it's going to keep my day from starting if I type for half an hour, and as I've already been up for a good hour I need to make up my mind about what I'm going to do and do it. But really - what a Proustian conundrum to be in! I can't do things if I write, and if I write I can't do things, so I'm paralyzed with indecision. This would of course imply the correct next move is to go back to bed.

Cheering up a bit - gaming

Two nights, two games, two wins - Samurai and Alhambra. That's alright, although, really, for the first time ever, I felt the money cards were coming up right for me, so the element of chance worked in my favor. We ate strawberries I brought back from the market in Cambridge and some fudge from a truly incredible fudge shop across from the entrance to King's College.

(I should mention that I played Punto also last night while we were gaming in the Bricklayer's Arms and had my ass handed to me on a plate, but that's hardly worth mentioning as that game is so very much about luck.)