September 12th, 2008


Still in the right career, always looking for the right job

Today marks the second anniversary of the start of my job at Betfair, much as yesterday marked the one year anniversary of leaving that job. Can I say what a relief it is to not be working there anymore? I'm not looking over my shoulder for a knife coming at my back anymore, and, while the current place (Tango Foxtrot) is hardly perfect, I certainly feel like people are trying to do things right.

I still miss Expedia, though. It's a bit sad. I can't see how I could really ever work there again - I'd have to change careers and I don't think that would really work in my plan for life.

The 17th (Wednesday) will mark the one year anniversary of my job here. This is a much happier thing to celebrate. I feel like I could be doing much more here than I am, but hey, room to grow, room to improve, eh? We'll see where it goes. Now all I need is for my VISA to get renewed!

(PS: shadowdaddy won Alhambra last night by one point, which clearly meant he was cheating.)
Kitty Cards Snow


Man, I wish going to the gym was more fun. Without my cheesy mystery novel to read, I had to amuse myself with some randomly chosen SF: in this case, Adam Robert's Salt. I got my heart up to 150+ after only five minutes but didn't get nearly as high as I had Tuesday. After 10 minutes, I headed over to the bike, did 9 minutes (barely able to keep it at 150 - watching news about the chunnel fire doesn't get me nearly so worked up when it'll likely be months before I use it again), then back to run for six minutes with a fairly even 160 for that time.

It's amazing how much being calm and settled reflects how my heart performs.

The shower afterwards was nice, too, and a pleasant day of medium-high intensity at work - a fair bit to do after being sick yesterday (and still a little below par today), but actually stacked up so well that I have been enjoying racing through things.

And look at the pretty fluffy clouds outside!

Tonight is all a-tumble, we have no idea what we will be doing as wechsler's cold is causing us to adjust our schedule, as may the energy sapping elements of tonyawinter's cold (also my cold, caring is sharing). I misunderstood that the Deloitte Ignite event was happening this evening, but it's not, so we may, in fact, be making up (on the fly) what we do this evening, though I find that either Turkish food in Dalston should be on the schedule, or maybe Japanese in Holborn (or even Fitzrovia). It will all depend on how much energy Tonya has. I have to say, I've been enjoying soaking up the games, but it seems like a drink or something is called for to celebrate Friday!

It's almost 5 PM on a Friday! And all I can think about is work.

Yes, it's the time of year when a girl's thoughts turn lovingly to ... waterproof boots. My big comfy Mary Janes have sprung a leak in the sole and even a little bit of water on the ground is enough to send me home with damp tootsies. Now, many of you have different ideas about proper foot care, but I have cat-like degree of loathing for having wet feet, and thus, much as in the springtime a young man's fancy turns to love, in the fall, this girl's fancy turns to waterproof boots. Humorously, the boots I want are called "Lili" and "Trish." It would be Freudian if only the La Canadienne people had any idea of my social world.

In my boot fantasies I contemplate the low heeled saucy goodness of Trish, but then find myself distracted by the cherry crinkle tastiness of the Lili. Sadly, neither of these boots is available in a wide, making me think seriously about the knee-high stompiness of the Pisa. I am suddenly distracted by the hyper-shine of the Santana "Mira" - but it's only available in a 6 (US), drat! Perhaps the Santana Diana will work?

Ah, it's all too much. Perhaps I should revert to the simple pleasures: these little guys, in red with a black bow, and, of course, a monogrammed bag, perfect for chilly weather. At least I can afford them. (That said, it does really seem like I should try to order a pair for my sister to bring over to me - the boots I brougt with me from America have seen some really hard use and need to be replaced.)
Sea dragon

It's Friday! It's Friday!

Everyone has left the office for someone's leaving do, but as usual I'm not so interested in going. Instead, I'm heading to Dalston for a big dinner at a Turkish barbeque (Numara Bos Cirrik). Humorously, I keep thinking about going to see shows at the Arcola just because I want to go eat at this restaurant again ...

but since all of my plans for tonight have gone topsy-turvy, we'll just go out for dinner instead. Tennessee Williams will just have to wait.