September 16th, 2008

Proust quote

Proust and heart update

Proust: I'm at page 204 of Time Regained. He's been on a long rant about the value of art, which I think will ultimately lead to him beginning to write his novel. Last night I was reading a bit that, I'm pretty sure, said if you didn't try to express the impressions of the art you've seen/heard/watched, you hadn't actually accomplished anything by experiencing it. I liked that.

Heart: 163/92 this morning, horrid, horrid. I expect the stress at work yesterday kicked it up. (Really, I don't just avoid unpleasant people and situations because I'm a wimp; it seems to negatively affect my health.)

Theater update

So ... I've reviewed "Landscape and "A Slight Ache," which I saw last night, on my other blog. In summary: no.

Tonight I'm going to see a play with the Whingers at the Old Vic. I don't even know what it's called, but since they're such good company I'm not too bothered.

Zorro has unfortunately been put off, but I feel confident I'll get to go eventually - it looks like it will have a long run.