September 17th, 2008


Hacking and coughing

So instead of going from strength to strength, I've gone from illness to illness, from last week's cold (that pretty well bounced off of me) to this weeks, which I really don't think is the leftovers of last week's. This has a tight and tickly throat, one that had me coughing delicately for hours last night - just enough to keep me awake.

Gah. It was miserable. I was so tired but still, there was the cough.

Eventually I went and slept in the guest room so I wasn't keeping shadowdaddy up, and I did get some sleep, but I'm destroyed today.

Tonight I did not go see Zorro

Tonight booklectic and I bagged on Zorro in favor of home made tacos (thanks for cooking, shadowdaddy!), Through the Desert, and Alhambra. adjectivemarcus poured drinks like a madman throughout the evening; we suspect that non-imbibing may have been the cause of booklectic's winning both reason. No matter: it was a good evening. Now all I need to do is get over this cold.

Tomorrow: a full day of training, thus no computer. What am I to do? I still haven't written up the play I saw yesterday ("Living Space," part of Alan Ayckborn's Norman Conquest series - hint: Norman is the extremely boring lead character, and his "conquests" are all ... women!), but since I didn't find it very interesting, it's hard to get too riled up about it. I would like the traffic it would drive to my site, though.