September 18th, 2008


Still under the weather. Review of "Living Together" at the Old Vic

I made it through the training session fairly well today and got some career advice from Lee Copeland ("Go out and speak more!") that I will endeavor to follow. Between that, the conversation with my boss yesterday, and the chat with Wayne Macgregor on Saturday, I've got a lot of things I could write about ...

but I'm still pretty sick and I've been putting what energy I can muster for internet things into writing in my theater blog. For example, I've just finished a review of Alan Ayckbourn's Living Together at the Old Vic. Summary: try finding a real comedy instead of this dated, limp fish. Not that I'm bitter.

shadowdaddy was very nice and made me dinner again tonight - teriyaki steak on salad. He made a special marinade that included Chinese 5 Spice as well as soy sauce and brown sugar. The whole thing seemed to have quite a Hawaiian taste to it. That boy, he may become a chef yet.

As for me ... I am tired and worn out from my day of sitting, and I'm going to be going to sleep pretty early again tonight. I'm glad I didn't have anything tonight I couldn't get out of and also am glad I only have plans for a good night's sleep tomorrow (in preparation for working on Saturday), though I will get to see wechsler as he's coming back from France. I think I might be able to manage a little bit of David Attenborough before I go to bed, though.

(Note: if I make as many spelling errors as I just corrected in this post, please assume I am tired.)