September 20th, 2008


Up too early for a Saturday; cold update

Wow. I think I have a night nurse hangover. My mouth tastes like cough syrup and I'm groggy in a very heavy way. (This is, of course, because it stopped working mid-sleep and I waited an hour before I finally took some more (at 4), meaning I've still got some running around in my system making me tired.)

I spent the evening sitting on the couch doing not much. J and I watched the coral reef segment of The Blue Planet (trenchwench, have you seen this?). I'm convinced after seeing it that Cthulu is actually a giant cuttlefish.

I am off to work in a bit - not what I need with the cold, work on a Saturday, but unfortunately I volunteered for this gig some time ago, and can't really find someone to cover for me last minute. It's going to suck today but I'll be grateful to have the money when my sister gets here and it's time to pay the tab for the hotel room in Venice. shadowdaddy is being extra nice and making me breakfast. He told me some girls he went to high school with said he would make a great second husband, you know, after they all married football players. Me, I think he makes a great first husband. I hope those women haven't spent too much of their adult lives sitting around waiting for J to come back to Ohio and show them what it's like to have a really good partner instead having of a selfish jerk around, because he didn't sit around waiting for them to finally be ready for HIM and he's not coming back on the market. Finders, keepers!
Morning cuppa

At work with a cold on a sunny Saturday.

Theme song: "What have I, what have I, what have I done to deserve this."

Note my coworker also has a cold. We are sharing cough drops. It's kind of cute.

It looks like we are ahead of schedule which is great as it means I might be able to go home early.

Yummy Chinese food slideshow on the New York Times today. Makes me want to go to Taiwan.

LATER: Wow, the release manager and the build engineer are both sick. This is pathetic. On the other hand, I've been passing out enough medicine that I probably ought to tape a sign to my head saying "Pharmacy."