September 23rd, 2008


I am on the mend!

I actually had no cold medicine last night - in fact, I had no medicine after the stuff I took in the morning other than cough drops. I managed to sleep through the night in my own bed!

This is doubtlessly all possible because shadowdaddy now has my cold. I'm not entirely over it (there were at least two memorable coughing fits last night), but, awww .... such a sacrifice!
Sea dragon

A day at training

In training today. Still worn out, listless. Suspect this won't really be much of a week for the gym. Still, weighed 167 this AM - lowest since February - suspect loss of appetite due to cold, and won't torture myself about not going to gym. Also beginning to fuss about non-production of my passport / visa. It is really getting down to the wire.