September 25th, 2008


That was gratifying

I slept like unto a rock last night. I only woke up once. Normally I'm up about six times.

This great sleep was despite the fact that I was dreaming that J and I were trying to rescue a dolphin caught in the aquarium behind the trailer park Sara Palin and her husband were running.

Tonight: Fat Pig at the Comedy theater. This is not an anti-fat play, by the way.

Big Draw Saturday: and a thought on autumn

First, there's a three day event this weekend, "The Big Draw," taking place at the Wellcome Collection and other sites, that I'm pretty excited about.

The website says, "Drawing on Life' is a free interactive festival celebrating drawing and life, with leading artists and scientists, in a jam-packed programme of events and activities exploring what it means to be human."

Doesn't that sound like fun? I'm especially interested in "Paper Diseases: the Little Theatre of Disease and Desire presents a theatre of bodies, bones and operations; a stage on which diseases perform, where quack doctors and grave-robbers play the hero and bodies are excavated, dissected, investigated, formed and re-formed through drawings, animations and paper cut-outs." "Snails in Art, the Art of Snails and the Joy of Camouflage" and "Deadly Pretty Things" (aka draw your own flow-in-the-dark disease) also sound like fun.

I can really only go on Saturday due to plans on Sunday and, er, work on Friday. Does this sound interesting to anyone else?

Second, this quote from Proust is perfect for autumn: "The patches of white in beards hitherto entirely black rendered the human landscape of the party somewhat melancholy, like the first yellow leaves on the trees when one is still thinking one can count on a long summer, when before one has started to enjoy it one sees it has already turned to autumn." (Finding Time Again p. 235.)


I just came back from Putney, where the post office was holding ... our letter from the UK Border Agency.

We are legal! Three more years!

This is very good news indeed. It also means everything is under control for the trip to Italy with my sister. AND ... apparently I can apply for indefinite leave to remain at the end of this time, instead of needing to wait for another year more.


Great night, with great food (红满天川菜火锅店 ) and a great show

Tonight I went with Josela and my coworker Cate (and shadowdaddy) to see a play, but FIRST we went to dinner at a place called Red Hot, a Szechuan restaurant on Charing Cross road. Damn, the four of us ate like pigs - just wiping out plate after plate of amazing food. I screwed up though and ordered a fifth plate - "Pockmarked Lady's Tofu with Minced Meat" - which we weren't able to finish, because, oh, somehow FIVE entrees and a side of vegetables and a appetizer and a dessert was just a big much for four. But, God, we tried, and it was wonderful trying. Please, if you like spicy Chinese food, do give this place a try.

Er ... we also saw Fat Pig, which I enjoyed very much (even though it wasn't perfect). How good was it? It was so good that even though I was just bloated with food, I was really, really caught up in it. If this had been a boring show, I would have fallen asleep due to all of the food. Review tomorrow. Sleep tonight!