October 3rd, 2008


Need more sleep

I think I'm thinking about something, but I can't remember what.

This probably means I need to have a cup of tea.

I dreamed last night that I got a gift package from Land's End (for being a good customer) that included this shirt, only they sent me one in orange and brown instead of red. And there was kayaking.

Chances are this going out three nights in the middle of the week thing may be wearing me down a bit.

I hope you really like staying in my apartment

Oops. We apparently forgot to leave my sister keys to the apartment.

And she didn't realize that the door to the building locks behind you.

This was nearly a very bad day for her. It's a good thing she got up as late as she did and called me before the Great Tragedy happened.

In other news, Orange "customer service," which consists in "please look up stuff on the internet" and "please press a million buttons before a real person will talk to you" have just bothered me for the last time. Come December 6 I will have a new phone contract.

Tonight we're off to see La Clique, which I think looks as much fun as the Miss Behave's Naughty Nightie of August. And since it's opening night, I'll get to scoop the print media!

And tomorrow ... Italy! (And I just found the menu for the Da Cesari restaurant, where the three of us will be eating Wednesday night ... ah!)