October 4th, 2008

Queen Apple

We've made it to Rome!

Ah, another country, another keyboard. This one doesnàt appear to have an apostrophe key, so when I hit the thing that looks like an apostrophe, I get a letter with accent on top, like ò. I donàt know how itàs picking whether to do an accented A or an accented O. Sadly the cheap Easyjet flight stuck us at Ciampino, meaning we had to take a bus in, which led to an additional half hour wasted as we waited for the bus to show up. I nearly had a heart attack as when I tried to take money out of the ATM, it said I was out of credit. Thankfully, it turned out I was only attempting to withdraw over my daily limit, so I was able to get cash. Not so for my sister, who was unable to get bupkus off of her US card ' and the customer service reps (hey! I just saw an apostrophe! Where did it go! and why can't I find the question mark now). This led to a tense ride as the hotel said on the confirmation they wanted payment in advance. Well, this was not the case, as we had no money demanded from us and were in fact rushed out the door so we could get a meal before the reastaurants closed. 40 euros and two hours later and we are now stuffed to the gills, and had a good visit(for example, my sister asked what was up with Rosamicula and Steer (not to mention the left and right brackets), which led to a long chat). Tomorrow: we'll do something possibly involving old buildings or art or skeletons, and we'll have more food.