October 5th, 2008

Sea dragon

Start of Day 2 in Italy

Well, we thought about skipping the breakfast and just keeping on with the sleeping - but the people in the kitchen were making enough noise to keep us up. Cereal, fruit juice, yogurt, toast and spreadable cheese - it was enough. I especially liked the tea bag tea - Everton Brand English Breakfast.

For some reason the hall smells like poop. I'm guessing someone had a very long visit in the bathroom. Ick.

On an unrelated note, there's a terribly charming little dog (a Maltese) here at the hotel whose curled up next to me on the couch where the computer is. It's nice to have some canine company again.

Dinner last night was delicious, if terribly late - we went to a restaurant up the street because that was our only hope of getting food before everything closed for the night. "Ristorante Monte Arci" was full of tourists (well, there was only five tables left, but they were all tourists), but they were serving, and my plate of "paglia e fieno al Monte Arci" (homemade taglietelle like pasta with a sauce of cream, pancetta, spinach and parmesan) was delicious and filling. Amber got a pizza, which was not too bad. We ended with some kind of cake which was like a sopapilla with a sweet ricotta filling. Yum!

Anyway, we're off for the day in a bit. I have no idea just what we're going to do, but it's gorgeous and sunny outside.
Sea dragon

Piazza del Popolo

Just saw Rafael's Chiggi Chapel in Sta Maria del Popolo - they let us in though they were having services. Am imagining now we'll walk to the Spanish Steps, then have lunch. Bank machines giving Amber lots of trouble.