October 9th, 2008

Sea dragon

Bologna: lunch, Ristorante Da Nello

Jason, risotto alla marinara (seafood); me, house specialty graminia con crèma e salcicchia e (but "senza" for me) funghi. 375 ml house red, melone con prosciutto for antipasta, flor di zucca fritto (fried squash blossoms) contorni. Squisito! Afterwards, what with winter coming on (though not here, it's painfully pleasant again today), I did a bit of shopping, first at Calzedonia (fun stockings for winter), then at Coin (splurgey beautiful gloves and hat, Christmas present for my sister), finally to the gourmet shop directly next to the hotel for a few other gifts (and somehow I still picked up more stuff on the way to the taxi stand - a pound of 2 year old parmesan for €9).picture.jpg

We spent the morning at the church of San Petronio, which is terribly small and cute compared to most churches we've been in (four churches together, Lombard-Roman style, 11-13th centuries, including a terribly sad chapel dedicated to the airmen who died in World War II, the wall covered with their photos ... what a heavy toll it took on just this one town!)

We are on the cheap train to Venice now - 26 for the three of us instead of 23 each on Eurostar - a great savings. I will miss lovely Bologna and I look forward to returning. (Also look forward to having a computer again. Sorry no responses to email or lj at present.)