October 15th, 2008

Mano Poderosa

Back from heart doctor

I'm weak and emotional today - the after-effects of the food poisoning and not enough food are surely having their way with me. But the trip to the heart doctor went well. The official verdict is that I'm healthy in all of the ways I need to be AND I've done good work getting my blood pressure _and weight_ down. (Nothing like being praised for weight loss the day after I've lost 4 pounds through a "radical dehydralizing diet," but he didn't seem to care.) I've been discharged from the heart clinic and I am to continue going to the gym and need to lose 10 more pounds. But my blood pressure was 125/86, an improvement even from the visit of April 16th, when I was 136/89, so really, what I was getting today was some very positive feedback - no need for me to go on heart medication at all!

Good news, really. But still, my plan for the next three months is to let my gym membership expire and go to two days of Pilates and hopefully one day of water aerobics (in Streatham, if spikeylady is amenable). I think I need to reduce stress in my life more than I need to get a cardio workout, and doing these things should help. At any rate, I think they will, and I'll measure my BP at the end of January and see if I was right.