October 21st, 2008


Positive news about the last week and a half

If you ignore the food poisoning, there's one great thing I can say about the last week and a half: I have been sleeping like a rock. Actually, I even slept great in Italy, probably because I was walking myself to a state of exhaustion daily, but there was only one day when I spent my night worrying about us not getting somewhere on time and lost sleep because of this. So every day I've felt in good shape in regards to my sleep level - a nice change from normal.

I've also been drinking a lot of red wine during this period of time. I wonder if there's a connection?

Proust is at page 309 - in good shape for me to complete the book(s) before the end of the month, I think. I just finished a section about a famous actress (sort of a Sarah Bernhardt) having a tea party that no one could bother to attend because they were off to see The Next Big Thing. The actress herself is dying and working herself into a quicker grave to take care of her daughter, who doesn't appreciate it. The whole thing seemed like a kind of death watch for the entire social order he's documented in his series of books, and I found it kind of funny to read, almost as much as reading about the granny who took the deaths of any of her aquaintances as being sort of a win for her. "Hah! Outlives old Solange after all. That'll show her!"

For fun I've been reading Stross' The Jennifer Morgue (at home, a gift from topbit) and Fforde's The Fourth Bear (at the gym), where the lead character has just bought a horrible car from Dorian Grey - it has a portrait of itself in the trunk. Stross is into heavy James Bond paralleling right now, so I'll probably recommend this to J when I'm done.
Morning cuppa

Had a funny moment with Shadowdaddy just now

So .. it is sunny and gorgeous outside, and my desire to not be in the close confines of the gym was high. Sunny weather with autumn trying to happen is so much better than fluorescent lighting and bad top 40! I convinced shadowdaddy to go out with me, and we went on a long walk, to Lincoln's Inn Fields, to Bloomsbury Square (where we sat for a bit), then to Russell Square and then by Brunswick Square and Coram fields, enjoying the sun, the leaves, the warmth, the being outside, the each other. It was great.

We came back with 15 minutes to spare for lunch and heated up last night's leftover while we ate a salad. We continued our visit, then smooched and walked out of the lunchroom back to our normal routines ...

which suddenly gave me flashbacks to the old Looney Tunes cartoons in which the wolf and the sheepdog have a lovely lunch together then punch back into work so they can get back to the vital work of stealing sheep/biting bad wolves.

It made me laugh.

It's nice out, though, and I'm feeling pretty good. Tonight is Strindberg at the Donmar and Thursday will be Barcelona and visiting our old friends Jared and Julia. I'm looking forward to the next two months, even though I'll have to go house hunting awfully soon. It'll all work out, won't it?
Mano Poderosa

Oh, the humanity!

I am currently testing a bug that we are taking out TO LIVE, AS A HOTFIX that only occurs if you have IE6 SP1.

We are all of the belief that the users should be grateful that we're pointing out to them what a security ridden piece of crap they have on their machines and that the proper FIX is to UPGRADE.

Ah well.

Creditors at Donmar second best play of the year

The Creditors just blew me away tonight. It was like Pinter with all of the words in it, so instead of these big mysteries you just had the mysteries of why people are so damned fucked up. And it was only an hour and a half long so I got home in decent time.

Man. An hour and a half of that kind of intensity is almost difficult to process this soon after the fact. Just ... just go if you like that really good theater shit and want to be blown away. I lost myself, I believed in the characters, it worked. The actors knew about the contract* and they held up their end. It's at the Donmar and you can have gelato at Scoop beforehand.

Proper review tomorrow. Wine tonight.

*The contract is the thing you and the performers agree to for any given night you spend staring at a stage. You agree to give them money and be appreciative and they agree to make you forget about the world while you're watching them, and to even make you forget that they are just people with lives outside of the theater - that you may even forget that you are in a theater. A lot of bad performers forget about the contract and think it's about "process" or "learning" but it's just not true. They have not read the contract.