November 8th, 2008


Wow, look at that rain?

My, what a shitty day it is outside - the rain is coming down in buckets. I wonder how those rowers are liking it? I wouldn't enjoy it at all.

In keeping with the weather, we're cleaning the house and I've made a Twitter account for my cat. It's not her fault she can't type, but I am willing to transcribe, on occasion.

We are supposed to go check out possible neighborhoods to live in today, but I'm wanting the weather to improve before we go anywhere.
Chinese tea

How about a little tea this afternoon?

While we were in Barcelona, we made an effort to stop by Tetere tea shop, which wasn't too far from where our friends live. There's a lot more going on in the tea world in Barcelona than I expected - a huge chain of stores called The Tea Shop, and a few boutiques like Tetere and its neighbor "Tea Genius" or something of that sort (immediately forgettable due to the serious lack of varietal teas).

Tetere set us up very nicely with three teas: "Pi Luo Chun" (something about green snails, 2008, so much nicer smelling than last year's picking!), Dian Hong Golden (2008, "superior," I think), and Jun Shan Yinzhen (something mountain silver needle), described as a yellow tea. The proprietress gave us extensive brewing recommendations for each tea, including that the Jun Shan should be made in a glass cup in order to better appreciate the opening of the leaves. It's what we're having right now and it's just delicious. Really, where are ms_vermilion and splendid_geryon when you need them?